What is an Animated Explainer Video?


Are you looking to increase sales and acquire a larger customer base? If so, your website will benefit from animated explainer videos. These videos are short clips, less than two minutes long,that explain products and services in a concrete manner. Websites with animated explainer videos see a rise in traffic nearly instantly.Most consumers have encountered animated explainer videos, even if they didn’t realize it. These videos aren’t the same as presentations that may be shown to investors or new employees. Rather, every explainer video is created with a targeted demographic in mind.


Tips to consider before booking your shoot: 



Decide on a direction:


Create a bullet point list of information you would like to get across to your audience (and let us know who the target audience is and what the goal of the video is). Important facts about your business or product that set you apart from the rest. We will use this list to create a script that will work well with the visuals created for you.


Story Board: 


Ask for a simple storyboard from us for you to see what will be onscreen to illustrate the bullet points you came up with. We will ask you to sign off on this before production on the animation starts.



Music & Voiceover :


Before production starts, decide if your animated explainer video requires voice over and/or music. Not all do depending on the subject matter. If needed we will provide you with examples for you to choose from.





Animated explainers based on a template can be turned around relatively quickly (think days/weeks) while original animation can be extremely time consuming (think weeks and months). You can save time by specifying exactly what you want before animation begins during both pre-production and during the story board phase of your animated explainer.



How much do Animated Explainer Videos cost?


Overall, a professional-grade animated explainer video will cost anywhere between $1,500 and $15,000. This price may seem high unless you know the amount of work that goes into each minute of animation. By the time your video is complete,it will include scriptwritting, animation, storyboarding, illustrations, music composition, sound engineerind, and if necessary voice over actors. While you should always trust animation work to the professionals, there are still different ways you can cut corners – but of course, only go thid route if you are fully confident that it’s the best solution for your project. For example, a professional script writer will spend hours researching your industry and demographic. You can trust yourself to write this if you’ve written scripts in the past, you are very knowledgeable about your industry, and you’ve been familiar with your demographic for many years. A successful script will capture the viewer’s attention and make them want to stay on your website for longer than 15 seconds. (This is no easy feat!) You can also save money on your video’s voiceover. If you or a friend or family member already have a good speaking voice, you can record your own narration with your own high-quality recording devices. Music is another area that doesn’t need to break the bank. Browse the Internet for low-cost music and sound effects libraries. You may even be able to find artists that will share their music for free in exchange for a credit.Illustration and animation are the two areas that should never be skipped when hiring us  professionals to do your video. There’s a very good reason us visual artists are needed – we’ve spent years studying different art software packages in college, and you didn’t. This rule should be applied to storyboard artists as well. While it doesn’t take any visual talent to write a script, your explainer video will look its best and draw in more customers when it’s based on a storyboard created by a seasoned professional. The saying “you get what you pay for” is very true when it comes to animated explainer videos. Your own potential customers will be more willing to put their trust into you if all the content on your website – including explainer videos – look professional and sophisticated.